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[Feb 09  - 6:15p]
I won't be posting in here anymore....
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[Feb 05  - 7:53p]
welp.... after getting so energized by my taebo workout, I've decided my diet starts today...

so if you see me eating junk food, smack me and remind me that there's a damn good thing I need to stay on this diet in order to achieve.

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[Feb 04  - 5:47a]
[ mood | giggly ]

As soon as Sherry can give me a LJ code in return for the one I gave her.... I'm gettin a new LJ and only givin it to like, Sher and AJ....lol

Stupid fuckin loser :-D

<3 7677.


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[Feb 03  - 12:35a]
HAHAHAH that old country singer Johnny Cash (he's really awesome tho) remade a NIN SONG! lmfao that's great.
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[Feb 01  - 7:47a]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Well I got my retainer yesterday... stupid fuckin thing it is.... oh well... over the course of the night, the little space that had developed between my front 2 teeth has now been fixed. woop. anyway. it's 7:45-ish and I'm getting ready fer work. I work 8:45-5:15... sooooo..... come see me a'ight? or tomorrow 8:45-12:45.

otay I'm outz!

>> J

My baby Tazzy's feelin better, finally :-D See and I told him medicine's good, but he didn't believe me.

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