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Well I got my retainer yesterday... stupid fuckin thing it is.... oh well... over the course of the night, the little space that had developed between my front 2 teeth has now been fixed. woop. anyway. it's 7:45-ish and I'm getting ready fer work. I work 8:45-5:15... sooooo..... come see me a'ight? or tomorrow 8:45-12:45.

otay I'm outz!

>> J

My baby Tazzy's feelin better, finally :-D See and I told him medicine's good, but he didn't believe me.
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Im glad tazz is feelin gooder XD
WOW Where did you find that icon?!
lol you just notice now? I was icon searchin through communities & happilt stumbled across it :D
lmao YAY VAST!
WOO I never get tired of that one song
I never get tired of Flames.... even tho it makes me sleepy sometimes LOL
LOL thx for tellin me...yea thatsa good song too when Im feelin mighty mellow